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AMD is one of the well known CPU manufacturers, especially in Indonesia, nearly 47% AMD processors user for their daily needs because of the affordable prices with almost the same specs as other well-known manufacturers. Because many AMD users in Indonesia, it is necessary to use its vast knowledge of one of them when we will
removing AMD processor on the motherboard.

Many cases of processors stick to HSF when removing it from the motherboard and causing some damage even making the processor badly damaged and unusable. Here’s how to revoke AMD processors so that pins does not bent and damage the processor.

  • Preheat the processor before removing.

When you want to removing make sure the processor is hot. How to heat the processor is quite easy just you have to turn on your computer just sign in the BIOS so that the processor works to become hot. Once turned on and the processor is hot you can turn off the PC and then pull out the processor carefully, when that position thermal paste on the processor will melt and make it easier for us to removing the processor.

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  • If you have already removed it and the processor attaches to HSF

If you have already removed the processor and are sticky on HSF, you need to prepare yarn to release the processor and HSF. Use yarn as a tool to release by swiping the processor and HSF.

What happens if you already removing the processor so that the processor pin is bent? .
First of all, you prepare a small needle or toothpick then straighten the slow pin processor, if the processor pin has too many crooked ones then you cannot fix it again and the warranty will not be applied because of human error

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